Adima - made in presence


Presence is gentle mindfulness, that inner space of stillness and deep connection with life which brings forth the manifestation of beauty.

Presence is care expressed through words and actions in daily life.

It is from a mindful state of Presence that Adima’s unique and original creations come to life.


meraviglia zen.jpg



Water is sacred, wise, precious.

The design on each manto (shawl) is the print of a photographic image captured with the intent of keeping the manifestation of Water free and vibrant, and has not been retouched or altered in any way.

The spirit of Water and her beauty infuse every creation with a subtle vibration, offering the wearer a unique sensory experience.


Each Adima Made in Presence creation sources from Alessandra Benetatos’ passion and that of her team, as well as

from careful research into the raw materials and spectacular fabrics, which are printed with care and sown with all the excellence of Italian artisan craftmanship.

All of this comes together in every phase: from creative inspiration to the design, through the choice of a careful and coherent chain of production, in order to offer the wearer of our products a personal and unique experience.

The aim of each production is to bring the human being center stage, by supporting the profound connection with the authentic Self, while enhancing the mastery of doing and translating it into mastery of being.



The intent of evoking the natural movement of Water is what inspired

Alessandra Benetatos in her choice of materials.

This is why two types of silk were chosen. Both are elegant, but each silk also has its own very distinctive feel.

The continual search for connection between sensations and materials keeps the door open to always new possibilities that evolve over time.



The ethereal regality of organza bestows the wearer with majestic stance.

It is like a spectacular frame that enhances a gracefulness that is intimate and alluring of buoyant yet rigorously elusive charm.



With its reassuring warmth, charmeuse caresses the wearer with a gentle, silky and enfolding embrace, offering the relief of quiet abandonment, of a gentle drift.